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Celebratory & Ceremonial

perfectly imperfect pearls, sharply cut crystals, and shimmering gemstones


Statement earrings, your new favorite necklace, suncatchers and more


Welcome to Sepulchra

Jewelry & adornments for those with stars in their eyes and heads in the clouds

Using jewelry as a medium for inspirations from mythology, art and architecture, Sepulchra pulls you into a romantic world of ethereal dreams. Concepts from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements meld with classical mythology and the magic of the natural world, resulting in jewelry that is both gossamer and fierce.


Jewelry truly is a tactile way to connect to your sense of self, to your confidence. It's a tangible yet delicate armor that we choose for ourselves. Sepulchra offers you these talismans for your mettle- thoughtfully designed treasures to represent the unseen pieces of who you are as you move through the world. 

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